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With a complete blockade, shortness of breath becomes constant, breathing is difficult, pains appear in the region of the heart. Cardiac asthma, dangerous Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome, pre-syncope may begin, which requires an urgent call for an ambulance and a doctor's examination.


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The blockade develops gradually. As mentioned above, in the first degree, there are no symptoms, and they can be detected only with the help of an ECG. But rarely, in the absence of symptoms, does a study, unless, of course, a timely scheduled examination of Minocycline caps. Conduction in the first degree is slowed down, the impulses manage to get into the ventricle and supply it with blood. Treatment at this stage is not required, however, bad habits and heavy loads should be avoided, they can lead to a more dangerous state of the body. In the second degree, impulses equip the ventricle partially, in insufficient volume. In the pauses between impulse passages, a person begins to feel bad. The blockade is incomplete, so the symptoms are short-lived and the condition quickly returns to normal.

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In the future, if left untreated, a complete blockade develops, in which impulses can no longer reach the ventricle, conduction disturbance occurs, the ventricles begin to contract slowly, atrial contraction begins to be controlled by the sinus section. Against the background of minocin changes, hemodynamic processes in the heart are disturbed, complete atrioventricular blockade occurs. Diagnosis of atrioventricular blockade in a pregnant woman.

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With ECHO cardiography, the anatomical and functional features of the myocardium are studied, which could lead to the development of arrhythmia. If the symptoms listed above appear, an urgent consultation with a cardiologist and examination is necessary. The main method is the detection of atrioventricular blockade on the ECG. A one-time electrocardiogram or daily monitoring (Holter method) may be prescribed.

The examination also includes an electrophysiological study. With the help of this method, the topography of minocin area is clarified, and the indications for surgical intervention are clarified. If necessary, if there are other cardiac diseases, a hardware examination is prescribed based on the data obtained: echocardiography; MRI; CT cardiography.

Often there is a need for laboratory tests, which is associated with current and chronic diseases of the patient: determination of the level of aantiarrhythmics, enzyme activity and others. In case of acute manifestation of atrioventricular blockade, emergency medical care is necessary. The patient must be laid down and an ambulance called. Such patients require urgent hospitalization.

Before transporting the patient to the clinic, it is necessary to introduce a solution of atropine to the patient.